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ST. PATRICK Fashion Collection - Haesel Wedding Dress - The Knot

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If you want to change the color of belt, straps and three-dimensional flower of the dress, please leave us a massage when you place the order.

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ST. PATRICK Fashion Collection - Haesel Wedding Dress - The Knot



Five Stars



Bright dress

Great and very bright dress!


Say YES to this DRESS!!

In all fairness this review is more relevant to folk who have attempted looking for a dress in the countless large stores in the good ole USA ! Yes even dresses can start looking like they came out of a cookie cutter ......fairly good, but a cookie it is, and a cookie it will always be! And in all honesty if you are looking to spend in the range of $ 175 to $ 250/- you can get a pretty dress, but in terms of design , basic enough that it can be mass produced to enable the large corporates to reap the benefits of economies of scale! And there is nothing wrong with that. It's just that Before you realize, every dress starts looking and feeling like the other! So for the vast majority who want to play safe on that BIG night, and look like one of the pretty mannequins that came off the assembly line, there is large American super clothing stores....and for everyone else that want to look special there are beautiful options like this dress Offered by the Sunvary online store!It was our first online shopping experience when it come to buying a gown, we had our share of concerns.....but, we pressed on ahead and we were rewarded at the end with an excellent product, beautifully executed, well done, and if you wanted a dress similar to this in the USA, you would never find one for a price tag anywhere close to what's being offered by this company. Infact, more likely you can expect to pay anywhere upward of $ 700. This has been my experience, I had tried several stores....among which I think Dillard's offered the most selection.The only thing that took us by surprise was that the dress came with a fairly large train...so be warned! We have bought this for my daughters prom and so we are planning to cut off the train to make this dress more wearable. The train is made out of toole so it should be easy to do with a good pair of scissors and a steady hand. The overall fit was great ...and I guess if u take care to provide the right measurements you should have the same result as we did, a perfect fit. Infact, my suggestion is to have them make the dress without the train. I worked and interacted pretty closely with Belle, she is amenable to some requests for customization I'm sure....although I did not make any such specific requests, at least, you never know unless you try. Another thing is please don't be afraid to deal with people in China or for that matter any part of the world.....if you have been constantly fed stories about their business ethic etc, please remember that there are NO universal laws that apply to anyone or any country! The worlds a smaller place and technology has brought us closer together...the question is whether you want to leverage from that or not.IIt's, sad that not everyone is as happy as we are about the dress but I guess not everyone has the same expectations and tastes, I have a piece of advise.if you are thinking about whether or not to take the plunge do yourself a favor and stop procrastinating! Just go on ahead and say yes to this dress!

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